Cocktail Menu Under Construction

Buyout: 1Mil/Night


Fish n' Chips

5,000 Gil

Crispy battered cod served alongside popoto sticks fried lovingly in duck fat and tartar sauce.

"Just" Pizza

10,000 Gil

A bubbly cheese blanket baked over a pillowy-hot bed of dough. Toppings Optional.

Bowler Burger

20,000 Gil

Double-stack patties with cheese curds, duck-fat popoto sticks, and a hearty beef gravy.


Cheesy Pretzel

5,000 Gil

A fluffy salted pretzel filled with an option of normal cheese or blood pepper cheese.

Amh Araeng Wings

10,000 Gil

Crispy-skinned raptor wings tossed in Amh Araeng seasoning. Blood Pepper seasoning if you're feeling bold.

7-10 Split

10,000 Gil

Freshly churned iced cream topped with Rolanberry syrup, chocolate syrup, and various nuts. Nestled snug between two cloud banana slices.



5,000 Gil

Ice cold from the fountain


10,000 Gil

Bottled or Draft


10,000 Gil

Option of White or Red